For Authors - Signings at The Twig

The Twig Book Shop hosts local, national, and international authors who have a community or fan base in the San Antonio area. We host two types of signings: Sit & Signs on Saturday morning during the Farmer’s Market, and Readings during weekday evenings and weekend afternoons. For both types of signings we provide event space, book processing and sales (including tax), and marketing support.

Depending on the publisher, the author may provide the books on a consignment basis, or we can purchase the books from the publisher. Generally speaking, authors who self-publish bring their own books.

The demand for having signings at The Twig has increased to the point that dates are currently scheduled months in advance. While we respect authors from areas outside our own and wish them well, our loyalties lie with the authors who are also our patrons and whose fans are our patrons. While we can try, thank you for understanding that we cannot accommodate every author who requests a signing.

In the documents at the bottom of this page, you will find our Consignment Policy form, more details about the types of events we offer, and our media kit, which includes directions to our store, our logo, and a media contact list.

If you would like to have a signing at The Twig or simply request that your book be placed on our shelves, fill out the Signing and Consignment Request Form and deliver a copy of the book to The Twig in a large envelope marked “ATTN: Consignments” along with the form and a $20 check for handling fees made payable to The Twig Book Shop. We will review your book and respond via email. Please include a self-addressed/stamped envelope if you would like us to return your sample copy. Books delivered without appropriate return postage will be donated or destroyed.