In Enemy Hands (Honor Harrington) (Hardcover)

In Enemy Hands (Honor Harrington) Cover Image
By Weber
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Honor Harrington has faced ship-to-ship combat, assassins, political vendettas, and duels. She's been shot at, shot down, and just plain shot, had starships blown out from under her, and made personal enemies who will do anything to ruin her, and she's survived it all.But this time, she and her crew, ambushed and captured, are aboard an enemy ship, bound for a prison planet aptly named Hell ... and her scheduled execution. Yet the one lesson Honor Harrington has never learned is how to give up, and she and her people are going home.Even if they have to conquer Hell to get there.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780671877934
ISBN-10: 0671877933
Publisher: Baen
Publication Date: August 1st, 1997
Pages: 544
Language: English
Series: Honor Harrington (Hardcover)