The Next 50 Barrel Racing Exercises for Precision on the Pattern ( #3) (Paperback)

The Next 50 Barrel Racing Exercises for Precision on the Pattern ( #3) By Heather A. Smith Cover Image
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Have you developed a strong foundation in yourself and your horses, and seem to be doing everything right - but STILL aren't clocking in competition? Do you ever feel stuck in your barrel racing, wondering what you could possibly be missing?

After sharing Volumes I and II in the series, author Heather Smith's collection of barrel racing drills comes full circle in The Next 50 Barrel Racing Exercises for Precision on the Pattern. In this new barrel racing book, she's shared advanced exercises with the power to reveal the true potential in horse and rider alike, including:

  • Simple steps for more quickness and agility in a run
  • How to increase engagement and maneuverability
  • Advanced groundwork for stronger equine biomechanics
  • Conditioning schedules to get your horse fit and FAST
  • Fine-tuning techniques for each individual barrel
  • An entire chapter dedicated to SPEED development

Heather has shared the critical and lesser known tips for barrel racing to understand the "how, when, where and why" for applying any exercise; making this a unique and valuable barrel racing book - enabling you to know exactly what type of barrel horse training is necessary in any circumstance, and provide it with perfect timing.

Whether your goal is to take your barrel racing to the next level or the highest levels, these 50 barrel racing drills have the power to take what's good and make it great by refining your horse's responsiveness, form, and responsibility, as well as prepare you to be the athletic, confident jockey your barrel horse deserves.

If you're ready to enter the alley with confidence and shave time off the clock - because you've successfully developed a barrel horse that is fit, strong, educated, mentally connected and prepared to WIN, then "The Next 50 Barrel Racing Exercises" is for you.


"This is just as good as The First 51 Barrel Racing Exercises I have flags for references throughout the book. I recommend it to anyone who is serious about training your horse to run barrels competitively." - Vickie N.

"This book is so great. I love the way Heather works with horses, she is amazing. This book just demonstrates how to do drills and really all there is. I loooove it " - Leslie J.

"This book is very beneficial for both the beginner, as well as the advanced rider. I enjoyed detailed explanation of the why, when, and how. Beautiful pictures. Horsemanship is a continuous journey. This book is filled with useful barrel racing tips to compliment anyone's program. Love the numerous exercises to troubleshoot or enhance. Thank you for this valuable resource " - Cindy R.

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Publication Date: March 7th, 2017
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