The Haunted Harlequin: Ghostly Experiences Behind the Scenes (Paperback)

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The Harlequin, a small community theater located on San Antonio's historic Fort Sam Houston, has been providing high quality entertainment to audiences for years, but the most interesting drama is behind the scenes. When the curtain closes and the stage lights dim, strange things happen. For years, unexplained activities have been reported including a little girl looking for a playmate, a shadow man watching from backstage, the creature that growls, mists that appear out of no where, the malicious presence upstairs, aggressive spirits who chase performers, even accounts of spirits following people home. From footsteps to disembodied voices to full bodied apparitions, each witness has attempted to apply logic to their experience but ......... the spirits within these walls are committed to proving their existence. The Haunted Harlequin takes you on a room to room tour recounting personal experiences from past and present employees, performers, volunteers and patrons with tales to tell. Some proceed with caution in the building while others are left....... terrified.
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ISBN: 9780692854280
ISBN-10: 0692854282
Publisher: Conflicted Reality Press
Publication Date: March 22nd, 2017
Pages: 198
Language: English