Fast Your Way to Health (Paperback)

Fast Your Way to Health By Lee Bueno, Alan Goldhamer (Foreword by) Cover Image
By Lee Bueno, Alan Goldhamer (Foreword by)
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Having received a death sentence from her doctors, Lee Bueno-Aguer found that God had given her a better prescription--fasting to regain her health. From her own and others' experiences, as well as sound scriptural and medical guidelines, she discusses many aspects of fasting, including:
  • Who should and should not fast
  • Various kinds of fasts
  • How to begin and end a fast
  • The difference between fasting and starvation
  • Drugs versus fasting
  • The curing of life-threatening diseases
  • Fasting for longevity
Lee reports on many who have fasted and prayed for others and seen miraculous results, including marriages restored, the insane brought back to normal, the disappearance of tumors, and even raising of the dead. As you read this book, you will discover the amazing ways God has designed your body to restore itself and your spirit to be uplifted during a fast.

About the Author

Lee Bueno-Auguer is a conference speaker, author, composer, soloist, and evangelist, both overseas and in the United States. For close to thirty years, she and her late husband, Elmer, conducted major evangelistic crusades in Latin America, establishing churches using their own portable, inflatable building. The building was two-thirds the size of a football field and seated three thousand people. They called it "La Catedral de Air," or "The Air Cathedral." Lee has recorded nine albums both in English and Spanish. For three years, she was a regular soloist on the PTL Club in Charlotte, North Carolina, and more recently she traveled as a soloist for the Benny Hinn Crusades. She was a featured soloist on over 400 "Buenos Amigos" ("Good Friends") Spanish programs, hosted by her husband and produced by her son, Chris. These programs helped them to pioneer Christian television in more than sixteen Latin American countries on 200 stations, drawing an audience of 25 million viewers every week and bringing the Gospel into the privacy of the Latin home. More recently, Lee's focus is on public school teachers both in Latin America and the U.S. Using a Teacher of the Year award event called "Celebracion Buenos Amigos," or "Good Friend Celebration," the educators are invited to join Lee as honored guests where gifts and awards are given as part of an evangelistic outreach to the teachers. The program includes the distribution of El libro de Vida, or The Book of Hope, containing the stories of Jesus and 100 questions for an open-book quiz. Lee continues to travel in full-time ministry using her vocal talents and inspirational speaking to challenge Christians in their walk with God.

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