English Teatime Treats: Delicious Traditional Recipes Made Simple (Hardcover)

English Teatime Treats: Delicious Traditional Recipes Made Simple By Sandra Hawkins Cover Image
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Fragrant and warm from the oven, English shortbread could be yours to eat 30 minutes from now All recipes use US cup measures and many go from measure to munch in less than 30 minutes Just grab a saucepan, your cup measures and a pan for the oven. Sandra guarantees: No electric mixers or food gadgets, no rubbing in or rolling out, and no pile of cleaning up.

Would you love to bake an English Teatime Treat recipe, but think it would take ages and you just don't have the time? Do you feel that you don't really know where to start in baking something from scratch? Do you dread all the cleaning up? This revolutionary and powerful cookbook will transform your cooking life

This cookbook challenges everything you've been told about baking and opens your eyes to the easy way to create something amazing from scratch. You won't need a cake mix to bake an easy cake This book will enable you to cook like never before

Having studied Chemistry in college, Sandra has carefully researched the amazing processes that transform simple ingredients into mouth-watering treats. She has re-engineered complicated recipes to be really easy to prepare.

In this book you will create many wonderful recipes including:

- English Scones

- Cakes including the inspirational Medieval Honey Cake with Earl Grey Tea frosting

- English biscuits (cookies) including mouthwatering shortbreads

- Exotic Teatime Treats

- Old English Pikelets

- Savories

And if that isn't enough, Sandra helps you put it all together for an amazingly straightforward English Afternoon Tea Celebration.

Sandra also includes a copious number of fun facts with the recipes, so that you can have a bit of fun with your friends, and not only enjoy the delicious baking, but also a little light-hearted chat.

What's stopping you from believing that you can bake more easily and successfully than you ever thought possible?

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ISBN: 9780995762305
ISBN-10: 0995762309
Publisher: Sandra Hawkins
Publication Date: November 3rd, 2016
Pages: 194
Language: English