Monstrous Ties (Like a Dream #2) (Paperback)

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Amelia Waters has accepted her destiny and is determined to find Aaron no matter what it takes. As she treks forward on her quest, she embarks on a gloomy, foul-smelling creation that is very similar to a dream she once had. The moment she sets foot to ground she runs for her life as horrific creatures pour out of every dark shadow. With her life in grave danger, Amelia finds it difficult to stay hopeful on finding Aaron, until an ever changing ally opens her eyes and helps her see that there is more to the creation than she thinks and that it involves a dark force from the past. When Amelia learns that she has the power to save every lost soul, she makes it her mission to destroy the creation along with it's creator. But her ever ready task comes with a colossal cost she's not ready for. Just when she assumes the worst is over, she is sidelined by yet another obstacle that stops her in her tracks. With help from an unexpected source, she makes it her mission to somehow survive so that she can find Aaron. But when a trusted friend goes missing Amelia frantically searches for him and lands in a magical kingdom. It is there that she meets Joleus, a Greek God look-a-like. When things take a strange turn, Amelia is left with life-altering choices and uncontrollable feelings. She is suddenly unsure how to move forward as Joleus offers a heartfelt alternative to her treacherous life. With Aaron in mind and time running out, Amelia continues her journey to save him but things take a fateful turn when an enemy hunts her down. She is then immersed in a deadly battle--one that leads her to the mind blowing truth that she's wanted all along.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780996122122
ISBN-10: 0996122125
Publisher: Writer's Tree Publishing
Publication Date: October 4th, 2016
Pages: 250
Language: English
Series: Like a Dream