Second Breath Soldier (Paperback)

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He gave all to protect an innocent life, but his country wanted more

Barely surviving a cartel firing squad, Vincent Torres, aka, Griz, wished for death. But the U.S. government wasn't finished with him yet. The retired Navy SEAL, now facing traumatic injury and loss, is extradited to an unknown location, one long rumored to exist in the shadows. PATCH-COM. Back in the clutches of the military, he is involuntarily reinstated.

Angry and lashing out, the Senior Chief is now the newest member of the same group of spec ops soldiers he'd mocked while undercover in Mexico. Caught between the instinct to rebel and the deeply ingrained training to obey orders, Griz finds himself summoned to assist in a CIA sting operation, and worse, forced to attend ballet class Determined not to cooperate with either request, Griz's resolve falters when he meets his ballet teacher, Jessica Holiday.

Beautiful, elegant, and way out of his league, the graceful woman's charms manage to soothe the savage Griz, spurring his desire to capture her attention. But obstacles block his path to happiness. The first is his own insecurity, and the second, an over-protective big brother.

Ordered to stay away from teammate Ben Holiday's sister, Griz holds back, concentrating instead on the sting op to infiltrate a human trafficking ring in Las Vegas. Caught up in a bad plan concocted by the CIA and FBI, teammate Nastjia Moreno is sent in undercover. But even the best laid plans can go south Unable to complete the mission as outlined and extract Moreno, the team must improvise. And when Jessica goes missing, Griz knows he must act fast.

Hampered by his own injury and the CIA Agent bent on keeping secrets, Griz and his teammates must move quickly to rescue Jessica and save Moreno before both are sold on the black market and they disappear forever

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ISBN: 9781087982274
ISBN-10: 1087982278
Publisher: M.E. Gwynn Publication
Publication Date: August 17th, 2021
Pages: 242
Language: English