The Harvest Trilogy (Paperback)

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They're not out there, they're already here

The Harvest Trilogy, inspired by a true sighting, is a suspense-filled chiller series of alien origin from bestselling author Michele E. Gwynn. Afraid of shadows? Just remember to leave the light on...


They arrived in the night. By morning, everyone was gone.

Human greed and gluttony can exist only so long before consequences catch up to actions. For Dave Forrester, the actions of every human living were about to be addressed in his home town of Farley, Oklahoma. A haunting memory from the past becomes a living nightmare. The people of Farley have disappeared without a trace leaving behind only blood-stained clothing and glimpses of frightening unearthly creatures. After losing the people he loves, Dave meets Maggie, a woman who has lost her will to live and is killing herself one drink at a time. Together, they find a reason to keep going even while the world is falling apart. It's all up to Dave and Maggie now to find and save the survivors of the harvest.


A government secret is out...and it's angry

A secret buried deep beneath the Samuel Clemens football field has broken free from its tomb, and the residents of the small town of Schertz, Texas are in danger. Government-sanctioned torture and experiments have led to a breakthrough in medical science, one that the citizens of Schertz are not even aware they've participated in by being human guinea pigs since 1963. Worse, the source of the 'serum' known as Celluloss created by greedy local community leaders is angry and seeking revenge. When alien crafts show up to reclaim their own, Schertz becomes a war zone cut off from the world by the very government that caused it to be targeted in the first place. Those who sought to profit through vivisection are being held accountable while those forever changed by alien DNA meet their 'kin'. Time is running out for the people of Schertz.


Welcome to Marion, Texas, where missing persons cases are the norm and the population remains...delicious

The Harvest Trilogy reaches its epic finale in the next town over from the now scorched alien battlefield of Schertz, the city that developed and secretly tested the Celluloss serum on its unsuspecting citizens.

Marion, Texas, population 3,700, is so small, if you blink driving through, you'll miss it. An area business owner is awarded 'Tastiest Meats in Town' by the Chamber of Commerce. John Hester's family-owned meat market is a staple in the region. Respected by the locals, he is above reproach. When he befriends new resident, retired 9/11 firefighter, Jack Callaghan, things get weird. Stranger still are the disappearing residents, thousands of unsolved cold cases dating back half a century that Callaghan discovers as he and his wife try to settle in. When they begin receiving veiled threats from the Reverend Harcourt Cane warning them to leave, Jack must find a way to protect himself and his wife while helping the FBI solve the mystery of the federal census that never budges...despite all the missing residents.

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ISBN: 9781088025338
ISBN-10: 1088025331
Publisher: M.E. Gwynn Publication
Publication Date: March 28th, 2023
Pages: 392
Language: English