Silent Night Soldier (Paperback)

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Caught behind enemy lines

  • WINNER "Top Pick" for Author Shout's Reader Ready Awards 2023

Army medic Ben "Doc" Holiday is sent on a mission inside the Russian Federation to aid PATCH-COM's newest allied member, Israeli intelligence officer, Moses Zigman, as his home country seeks to locate one of their own and secret the opposition leader, Andrei Parkchenko, out of Russia for his own safety, and the political benefit of Israel.

Doctor Irina Petrovna lives her life helping others, including injured political protesters. When that help catches the eye of the FSB, they send in a captain desperate to redeem his standing within the ranks to warn her to fall in line. Ignoring that warning, Irina finds the price paid for her obstinance shockingly high, terrifying, and heartbreaking. When one of the captain's men comes after her, she fears her time is up.

Unused to being without his team, Ben struggles with abiding by mission parameters of remaining under the radar. When a woman is attacked on their first night in Moscow, Ben defies Zigman and rushes into the fray to save her. Warned to leave no trace, Ben and Moses have now left behind a body in the frozen, silent night. Worse, they've also picked up a passenger, one who is being hunted by the FSB

As soon as their eyes meet, Ben knows he cannot leave this woman behind. From the moment she ran out in front of their car, he chose her. On the run to find missing Mossad Agent Ari Solomon and the opposition leader, Ben and Moses discover that the same captain chasing Irina may also be the one who has Solomon, and perhaps Parkchenko as well. Following a lead, Ben gets his first look at the mysterious captain and is shocked by his all-too-familiar face

Now caught behind enemy lines with a desperate murderer hot on their trail, Ben must help Moses complete the mission and somehow, save the beautiful doctor with the big gray-blue eyes from falling into the FSB's clutches, and a fate worse than death

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ISBN: 9781088084014
ISBN-10: 108808401X
Publisher: M.E. Gwynn Publication
Publication Date: January 11th, 2023
Pages: 302
Language: English