Kissed by a Bubble (Paperback)

Kissed by a Bubble By Jessica Eccles Cover Image
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Kissed by a Bubble is a lyrical story narrated by a crystal child waiting to be born. She has the magical ability to see what is happening on the outside of her world as she is being developed within her mother's belly. Charlotte, the unborn child, shares with you the joy of laugher that fills the sea breeze air while her brother and his dog-pal discover chasing bubbles in their grandmother's garden near the sea. She shares with you how translucent magical rainbows float freely in liquid presence called bubbles and how they inspire everyone to play. Zacky, his dog-pal Higbee and her mother run and chase the bubbles until they are dripping wet and exhausted. When they sit down to rest, they discover that you can be kissed by a bubble. The crystal child called Charlotte can feel this joy and happiness. She kicks with excitement and great anticipation of someday being able to chase magical, mystical fun. Another star child is lingering about throughout their playtime. It is a child yet to be, that is also watching over the playful events. He too is excited about magical, mystical fun and hopes with anticipation that someday he'll be able to play with this family. Kissed by a Bubble will inspire you to chase bubbles, because they are magical, mystical fun; catch them, chase them, run, run, run. And if a bubble should happen to pop on your nose, then you've been kissed by a bubble.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781434384188
ISBN-10: 1434384187
Publisher: Authorhouse
Publication Date: June 2nd, 2008
Pages: 40
Language: English