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1.      Wen Spencer, a Campbell Award-winner, has written three popular SF novels for ROC, combining the world of the hard-boiled private eye with situations straight out of the X-Files.

2.      Spencer’s first novel, Alien Taste, received a four-star review from Romantic Times, which raved that her “timing is impeccable and the denouement stunning.”

3.      Ads in Locus, more.

4.      Teaser chapter included for Eye of the Storm by David Weber.  

The appearance of the warp drive from the long lost Fenrir spaceship triggers an epic quest for Captain Mikhail Volkov.  According to the drive's computers, Fenrir had been lost to hypothetical “nowhere” of subspace, but with the drive's housing covered with coral and sea life, obviously Fenrir has gone somewhere.  Faced with genocide at the hands of the alien Nefrim, humans need a miracle to survive.  On the chance that Fenrir's mysterious location holds such a miracle, Mikhail jumps into the unknown and crashes into the endless blue of the Sargasso Sea.

Every ship that misjumped from any race that discovered travel through subspace has crashed into its waters, creating a graveyard of rusting spaceships.  On the Sargasso's great oceans, humans live alongside aliens in uneasy peace. 

His ship damaged, his younger foster brother lost, and his sanity rattled, Mikhail discovers a secret that might save the human race—but only if he can repair his ship and return home.

About the Author

The 2003 John Campbell Award Winner, Wen Spencer lives outside of Boston with her husband and son.  She's a fan of Japanese anime and manga, and it flavors her writing.  Her fantasy novel Tinker won the 2003 Sapphire Award and was nominated for the Romantic Times Review Choice Award for Best Fantasy.  Anne McCaffery has listed Wen on her website as one of two recommended authors.

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ISBN: 9781439132715
ISBN-10: 1439132712
Publisher: Baen
Publication Date: May 26th, 2009
Pages: 512
Language: English
Series: Endless Blue