The Game of Stars and Comets (Mass Market Paperback)

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Four novels of rapid-fire interstellar adventure, set in a common universe, by the Grand Master of the form:


  • The X Factor: Only Diskan Fentress’s mutant powers had a chance of stopping the looting of his new world.
  • Voorloper: Three those survivors—an embittered wanderer, his son, and a young girl with a healing power—know they have nothing to lose and set out to find the secret of the Shadow Death that blights the planet Voor.
  • The Eye of the Monster: Rees Naper had survived the onslaught of the alien Ishkurian “crocs,” but had to cover miles of jungle and pass through croc armies to reach safety. To do that, he would have to think like a croc, move like a croc . . . and see though the eye of the monster.
  • The Sioux Spaceman: Kade Whitehawk chose to join the battle for Ikkinni freedom, even though that choice made him a renegade to his own people, and would almost certainly mean his death.  


Publisher’s Note: This is the first time these novels have appeared in one mass market volume.


Product Details
ISBN: 9781439133729
Publisher: Baen
Publication Date: May 25th, 2010
Pages: 720