Oak Tree (Paperback)

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A seedling oak tree languishes in a field, unable to understand why a mature tree not far away in the same field gets so much attention from children and adults; who climb the tree, swing from its branches, and picnic under its massive structure of branches and leaves which dominate the sky. Concerned townspeople replant the seedling next to the mature tree, hoping this will help it live, for it is surely losing its will to live. When the mature tree makes an overture of friendship to the seedling it is too fearful to respond. One day, however, the seedling summons the courage to ask what keeps him stunted while the old tree grows and spreads its branches. The mature tree explains that the seedling is fearful of life and until that fear is overcome it will always be stunted and shunned. Lightening strikes the old tree during a severe storm and it topples over. The young seedling was heard to cry out in grief and all were stunned to see it begin to grow huge branches and to spread itself for all to see. Six color illustrations done by the author convey symbolically the sense of the text, which is written in blank verse. This easy to follow story appeals to all ages, from early childhood to adult. The lesson the story teaches is one that has universal appeal to young and old alike with its message of individual growth, sharing one's life, and to open oneself to life's chances. The use of blank verse adds drama and heightens the impact of the story, allowing the reader to follow the story as it unfolds from each line to the next.

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ISBN: 9781449008598
ISBN-10: 1449008593
Publisher: Authorhouse
Publication Date: August 21st, 2009
Pages: 16
Language: English