The Power of Illusion (Mass Market Paperbound)

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A rip-roaring collection of amusing and beguiling "what if?" speculative fiction tales from science fiction humorist and droll storyteller extraordinaire Christopher Anvil.

A generous volume of cunning and humorous science fiction from a master storyteller Christopher Anvil. First, Anvil's tale of the consequences for civilization--and humanity itself--on The Day the Machines Stopped. Next, a gambler is captured by aliens who are investigating the Earth as a possible target for colonization. The aliens have science and technology far in advance of humans--but, unfortunately for them, they have never developed the human art of bluffing. And finally, for the first time in book form, Anvil's stories of universal troubleshooter and paradox-resolver extraordinaire Richard Verner. Need to know why the government's missiles keep falling from the sky? Whether a judge has been kidnapped or gone into hiding to avoid a dangerous ruling? Who that dead body belongs to that interrupted a perfect vacation? Verner's on the case.

About Christopher Anvil:

"Droll and exciting. . ."--Houston Chronicle

." . .a delightful pleasure. . .I've always loved Anvil's, ah, peculiar sense of humor."--New York Times best-seller and military SF master David Weber

." . .rousing adventure. . .SF fun."--Locus

About the Author

Christopher Anvil was a long-time fixture of the leading science fiction magazines--most notably a frequent and popular contributor to Analog, where he consistently rocked the reader's polls and had several stories nominated for Hugo and Nebula awards. Anvil is best known for his outstanding ability to combine fast-moving adventure with wry humor. His novels include Pandora's Legions, Interstellar Patrol, Interstellar Patrol II: The Federation of Humanity, The Trouble with Aliens, The Trouble with Humans, War Games and Rx for Chaos.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781451637601
ISBN-10: 1451637608
Publisher: Baen
Publication Date: October 25th, 2011
Pages: 592
Language: English