A Cosmic Christmas (Paperback)

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By Hank Davis (Editor)
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Original Christmas anthology. Twelve cosmic days of Christmas tales ranging from vampires to robots, from the hills of Appalachia to a high orbit space station, all celebrating the holiday in off-beat ways.

Joy to the world . . . or, joy to the worlds Let heaven and nature--and also the supernatural--sing. A Cosmic Christmas presents twelve stories of Christmas in very unusual circumstances, ranging from vampires to robots, from the hills of Appalachia to a high orbit space station, all celebrating the holiday in their own, off-beat ways.

New York Times best-selling author Larry Correia sends his popular tough guy detective and magicwielder, Jake Sullivan, on a special case, while visions of tommy guns dance in the heads of the thugs he's up against. Mark L. Van Name's Lobo, an A.I. housed in a pocket battle starship, drops his usual cynical pose when challenged by a troubled family at Christmas time. Nebula Award-winner Catherine Asaro tells of a romantic weekend that turns into a mystery in a futuristic high-tech house--all that and Christmas, too. Mercedes Lackey delivers a ghost story with a not-so-friendly visitation from the beyond, and George O. Smith, a star of the Golden Age of science fiction, is on hand with an episode from his classic Venus Equilateral series, in which a Christmas celebration on a gigantic space station is interrupted by the arrival of a ruthless interplanetary criminal, who didn't drop by to hand out presents. And much more, in a holiday package that any fan of science fiction and fantasy would be delighted to find under their tree, on any planet.

About A Cosmic Christmas authors:
"If you love monsters and action, you'll love Larry Correia]. If you love guns, you'll love Correia]. If you love fantasy, and especially horror fantasy, you'll love Correia]."--Knotclan.com

" Catherine Asaro creates] an entertaining mix of hard SF and romance."--Publishers Weekly

"Just when I was thinking science fiction might be over, Mark Van Name proves that there are still smart, exciting, emotional sci-fi stories to be told." -Orson Scott Card.

About the Author

Editor Hank Davis is Senior Editor at Baen Books. Author Larry Correia is the author of the bestselling Monster Hunter saga. Author Mark Van Name is the creator of the popular Jon and Lobo series, and Nebula award winner Catherine Asaro is the author of the Skolian Empire saga.

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ISBN: 9781451638622
ISBN-10: 1451638620
Publisher: Baen Books
Publication Date: November 6th, 2012
Pages: 312
Language: English