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Sequel to popular space adventure, Grand Central Arena

Leader of the Faction of Humanity. It was a ridiculous title, but the Arena said that was what Captain Ariane Austin was since she'd led the crew of the Holy Grail in their discovery of the impossible, physics-violating place and their eventual return, and when the nigh-omnipotent Arena said something, it meant it.

Ariane must discover what it means to be the Leader of Humanity, both for herself and for humanity, before her enemies--at home or in the Arena--depose her, kill her, or worse. It will take all her luck, Marc DuQuesne's indomitable will, Simon Sandrisson's genius, and the peerless skill of a living legend. And, in the end, humanity's fate in the galaxy and beyond will hinge on the choice of an uncertain ally who has nothing to gain, and everything to lose, by aiding those neophyte upstarts, the humans.

About Spheres of Influence
"Fast and entertaining action and a world that has the feel of Asimov's Foundation series."--Sarah A. Hoyt, author of the Darkship saga

About Ryk E. Spoor's Grand Central Arena
..".an imaginative piece of space opera that's set on a near-future Earth where artificial intelligence is taken for granted."--Shiny Reviews

"Grand Central Arena' is space opera in the grand old tradition . . . but with modern sensibilities and awareness of current speculations in cutting edge physics."--Fantasy Book Critic

About the Threshold Series by Ryk E. Spoor and Eric Flint
." . . fast-paced sci-fi. . . light in tone and hard on science . . ." --Publishers Weekly

." . . the series is filled with] linguistics, biology, physics, and evolution further the story, as well as wacky humor, academic rivalries, and even some sweet romances." --School Library Journal

About Ryk E. Spoor's Phoenix Rising
"A winner Great characters, and thrilling adventure. I want more "--Ed Greenwood, best-selling author of the Forgotten Realms series

" E]xciting adventure, scary monsters, strange gods, and wondrous magic."--Lawrence Watt-Evans.

About the Author

Ryk E. Spoor, while earning his masters degree in Pittsburgh, became a playtesting consultant and writer for the Wizards of the Coast, the leading publisher of role-playing games and related novels. He now lives in East Greenbush, NY, working as a technical proposal writer for a high-tech R&D firm, and spending his non-writer time with his wife and sons. Spoor is the coauthor with New York Times best seller Eric Flint, of the popular Threshold series of science fiction novels. Spoors solo novels for Baen include Digital Knight as well as Grand Central Arena series entries Grand Central Arena and Spheres of Influence. He is also the author of epic fantasy, Phoenix Rising.

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ISBN: 9781451639377
ISBN-10: 1451639376
Publisher: Baen Books
Publication Date: November 5th, 2013
Pages: 449
Language: English