Ghosts of Time, 4 (Paperback)

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Book #4 of the Jason Thanou Time Travel series. Jason and his team travel to the latter days of the American Civil War to combat a transhumanist threat. Sequel to Pirates of the Timestream.

Special operations officer Jason Thanou of the Temporal Regulatory Authority must once again plunge into Earth's blood-drenched past to combat the plots of the Transhumanist underground to subvert that past and create a secret history leading up to the fulfillment of their mad dream of transforming humanity into a race of gods and monsters.

The transhumanists are attempting to use the chaos of the American Civil War to escape the Observer Effect: the immutable law that recorded history cannot be changed. If any should attempt it, time has a way of dealing with those transgressors in a very brutal, very final fashion. Now it is the last days of the Confederacy, and the Fall of Richmond looms. In the Shenandoah Valley, in the region later known as Mosby's Confederacy, insurgency brews, and the time travelers must join the raiders to prevent a transhumanist trap from dooming the mission from the start.

Yet human freedom is ultimately on the line in both the past and the future, and the leader of a secret slave underground fighting for liberty possesses an incredible secret that may change Jason's fate--and that of the future itself--forever.
About Ghosts of Time:
Meticulous research, vivid historical descriptions, and tense action sequences help flesh out this rousing time- travel adventure.--Publishers Weekly

About Pirates of the Timestreams:
"White expertly blends historical and futuristic elements ... to create a fast-paced, detail-rich tale, seamlessly inserting his own inventions into factual events ... an exciting, engaging story, accessible to new readers and thoroughly satisfying for established fans."--Publishers Weekly

About Steve White:
"White offers fast action and historically informed world-building."--Publishers Weekly

About Steve White's Forge of the Titans:
". . . recalls the best of the John Campbell era of SF. White's core audience of hard SF fans will be pleased ..."--Publishers Weekly

". . . Engaging entertainment . . . much suspense and many well-handled action scenes . . ."--Booklist

About Steve White's St. Anthony's Fire:
Give this one high marks for entertainment."--Booklist

The Jason Thanou Time Travel Series:
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Ghosts of Time

About the Author

Steve White completed a tour of duty in Vietnam as a naval officer. With David Weber, he has collaborated on Insurrection, Crusade, In Death Ground, and the New York Times best seller The Shiva Option. His most recent books for Baen are time travel adventure tale Sunset of the Gods and epic fantasy Demon's Gate.

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