Beyond This Horizon (MP3 CD)

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Utopia has been achieved. Disease, hunger, poverty and war are found only in the history tapes, and applied genetics has brought a lifespan of over a century. But Hamilton Felix is bored. And he is the culmination of a star line; each of his last thirty ancestors chosen for superior genes. He is, as far as genetics can produce one, the ultimate man, yet sees no meaning in life. However, his life is about to become less boring. A secret cabal of revolutionaries plan to revolt and seize control. Knowing of Hamilton's disenchantment with the modern world, they want him to join their Glorious Revolution. Big mistake The revolutionaries are about to find out that recruiting a superman was definitely not a good idea. . . "Not only America's premier writer of speculative fiction, but the greatest writer of such fiction in the world." - Stephen King "There is no other writer whose work has exhilarated me as often and to such an extent as Heinlein." - Dean Koontz.

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ISBN: 9781491546451
ISBN-10: 149154645X
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Publication Date: October 1st, 2014
Language: English