Navigating Through the Maze of Grief (Paperback)

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Is There Life After Loss? Grief-the word brings distress and suffering to your mind and every emotion in your soul. Your body is distressed almost beyond measure when your loved one goes to be with the Lord. The mental suffering and affliction is so painful that you wonder if it will ever cease. - Is there really life after loss? - How long will the grieving process last? - What can I expect along the road to recovery? - How do I develop a new vision for my future? - How do I face the bittersweet memories and move on with hope in my heart for a new beginning? This book will help answer those questions and teach you how faith in God's Word will hold you steady in spite of all the emotional pain and ups and downs of recovery. This is a personal journey of loss, living through a major life change after fifty years of marriage and ministry. It is the author's story of God's amazing grace and the sweet comfort of the Holy Spirit. You are not alone as you walk through your maze of grief; there is a place called "the other side" waiting for you. It is a beautiful life of victory and joy. Barbara's Resources: Winning Widows is a group page on Facebook that is devoted to ministering to the emotional support and spiritual needs of widows and those who have lost loved ones. You are invited to join to receive daily inspirational Bible devotions. Faith Ministries International: Barbara's ministry page is available on Facebook. When you join, you will receive monthly teaching newsletters and ministry updates. Barbara is available to speak to your church, group, or teaching seminar.

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ISBN: 9781498467940
ISBN-10: 1498467946
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: March 16th, 2016
Pages: 194
Language: English