The "It" Girls of La Sembradora: Bulls, Blood and Brujeria (Paperback)

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Matadors were the "rock stars" for young girls in 1930's La Sembradora, a dusty village in northern Mexico. When a famous matador from Spain, El Victor, comes to town, level-headed Inma and her fun-loving cousin Eva get wrapped up in the infectious excitement that grips the village. They fuss in frenzy about everything: Will their constant chaperone, the elegant man about town, Rico, invite them to the bullfight? What ever should they wear? Will El Victor be at the afternoon social after the bullfight? Are his eyes really green? Meanwhile, an elderly neighbor, Dona Inez, reveals a fortune teller's warning of evil to come the day of the big event. The girls go to hilarious extremes to get ready for the big day, which proves to be an adventure they will never forget.

About the Author

A former educator, Ms. de la Zerda has enjoyed writing short fiction for many years. "The 'It' Girls of La Sembradora" is her first novel. Raised by a Mexican mother and Mexican-American father, the author heard many tales of the past...great food for thought. Her works of fiction are based on a grain of truth and a harvest of exaggeration. "The 'It' Girls of La Sembradora", a melodramatic novella, proves that coming of age is filled with girlish fun and romance throughout history, even in a dusty village in 1930's northern Mexico. Nancy de la Zerda is a lifelong resident of San Antonio, Texas.

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ISBN: 9781499780161
ISBN-10: 1499780168
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: June 3rd, 2014
Pages: 204
Language: English