The Count of Monte Cristo: Complete (Paperback)

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The Count of Monte Cristo: Complete 5 volumes by Alexander Dumas, first published in 1889. Riveting tale of romantic rivalries, struggles for power, daring escapes, clever disguises, buried treasure, and solemn promises. What more could an adventurous reader desire? Dumas's hero Edmond Dantes is a man on a mission, tasked with delivering a letter whose contents he does not know, but whose impact, when discovered by the wrong man, could be deadly. Thrown into a dangerous chain of events, Dantes must face his fate alone, forced to rely on his wits, courage, and a strong dose of good luck as he seeks justice against those whose greed and wickedness nearly cost him his life. A story so evil, so clever, and so violent that future reads will just be boring. To seek justice for the three men who so selfishly stole 14 years of his life, Edmund Dantes uses deception to emotionally and financially destroy his foes.
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