Shadow of the Hare: Recall Chronicles, Vol. II (Paperback)

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Malia Poole is a misfit, an old woman in a 22nd-century world where eternal youth is available to all. But she's always been a misfit, a stubbornly dissident author and bibliophile in a world where real books barely exist and digital versions are closely scripted by the plutocracy. Malia tries to hide, tries to forget, but eventually is compelled to pursue the missing pieces of her troubled past, learning that sometimes answers can be more disturbing than the questions.

About the Author

Anthropologist Donna Dechen Birdwell creates a dystopian world with sensitivity and insight deriving from years of observation and dedicated study of the human condition. "We are our stories," she says. "Our most precious human quality is our fertile imagination." Donna is also an artist, a former journalist, and a native Texan.
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ISBN: 9781533095763
ISBN-10: 1533095760
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: May 10th, 2016
Pages: 234
Language: English