Angeleyes (Freehold #8) (MP3 CD)

Angeleyes (Freehold #8) By Michael Z. Williamson, Samantha Prescott (Read by) Cover Image
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The Freeholders return in a new novel in the nationally best-selling Freehold universe series. A return to the libertarian world of Grainne and its battle against an Earth government that will not let the Freeholders remain free

Angie Kaneshiro never planned to be a spy. She was a veteran of the Freehold Forces of Grainne and was now a tramp freighter crew-woman who hadn't set foot on the dirt of a world in 10 years. Angie was free, and that was the way she liked it.

Then the war with Earth started. One thing Angie knew was human space. She knew where the UN troops garrisoned, the methods they used to scan and chip their own to control them. Even better, she had a mental map of the access conduits, the dive bars, and the make-out cubbies people used to get around restrictions.

The UN forces may hold most of the stations, the docks, and the jump points, but now the Freehold of Grainne has its own lethal weapon. The Intelligence branch sends a freighter crewed with Blazers, special forces troops. All Angie has to do is lead them through the holes. Responsibility for the explosions and wreckage will be theirs. But war is complicated, and even the most unwilling of heroes can be forged in its crucible.

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ISBN: 9781536666663
ISBN-10: 1536666661
Publisher: Audible Studios on Brilliance
Publication Date: January 31st, 2017
Language: English
Series: Freehold