The Barns of Maine: Our History, Our Stories (Hardcover)

The Barns of Maine: Our History, Our Stories By Don Perkins Cover Image
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Although humble in their function, these carefully crafted barns have shaped the lives of Mainers for centuries. Built long before the days of plastic and plywood, the barns have survived for generations, each with a story to tell. In Bridgton, one barn offered comfort to a sixteen-year-old boy when his father was injured. Another New Gloucester barn was so important to one family that its likeness was engraved on their headstones. Some owners said they would rather see their houses burn than their barns, and others have dedicated their lives and livelihoods to restoring and preserving these buildings. From modest English to grand Victorian, Don Perkins examines the structures, origins and evolution of Maine's barns, demonstrating the vital and precious role they play in people's lives.

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ISBN: 9781540206763
ISBN-10: 1540206769
Publisher: History Press Library Editions
Publication Date: September 4th, 2012
Pages: 210
Language: English