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Agent Plaiedeaux ordered his team to proceed with the arrest of William Stradom. After several hours of trying to storm the facilities, everyone became exhausted and turned to look at Agent Plaiedeaux. "Let's see," said Agent Plaiedeaux. "We have rammed the fence but only our vehicles were damaged, had a welder cut the hinges only for the gate to remain as if the hinges were not cut, leaving the gate apparently floating in mid-air, then the hinges reappeared as if they were never cut. We also broke several chains trying to use a vehicle to pull the gate down, and when we tried to climb over the fence we encountered some sort of invisible force field. Did everyone get all that? We are the FBI, nothing like this is supposed to exist without our knowledge. As of now everything about this operation is classified.

About the Author

Bruce Henderson has no previous published work. "White Pages" will be his first work published followed closely by his second "Wind Shear." He has worked for the past twenty years as a business consultant which has allowed him the opportunity to draw on some of his technology proliferation experience. Look for Bruce and "White Pages" to pave a bright road for the future of Science Fiction Technology.
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ISBN: 9781544785097
ISBN-10: 1544785097
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: April 10th, 2017
Pages: 294
Language: English