Men of Color: A Context for Service to Homosexually Active Men (Paperback)

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Men of Color provides those working in the social services with an assessment framework for identifying and understanding the developmental needs of gay and bisexual men of color. By adding an ethnic dimension to the literature on homosexual conduct and identity, this book helps service providers improve services for men from all communities. It provides insightful implications for practice and programs, presenting valuable, practical information for planning services for African-, Asian-, Latino-, and Native Americans.Chapters in Men of Color gives you a context for working with homosexually active men of color, regardless of their specific service needs. This broad base is constructed by showing that the meaning of homosexual conduct and identity changes across cultures and generations; that the gay rights movement is having a profound impact on all ethnic/racial communities; that although the pull toward the gay community is strong, the pull to retain ethnic identities is equally strong; and that homosexuality varies culturally and historically. Contributors give:
  • a cross-cultural comparison of identity, networks, and social support patterns among European-, African-, and Latino American men seeking services from an HIV prevention program.
  • an ecological assessment model that can be used by social service professionals working with African American men.
  • an historically-based description of Native American men that ends with their own special vision for clinical services.
  • a review of the literature on Latin American and Filipino men.
  • an historical examination of Korean norms and attitudes on homosexuality.
  • a discussion of an applied research agenda for gay men of color that derives from the need to improve delivery of social services.Men of Color asserts that homosexually active men of color are often caught in a dilemma: they must choose between their ethnic and sexual identities, either putting their ethnicity before their gayness, or their gayness before their ethnicity. The book predicts that the lure of sexual freedom, coupled with the comfort of old traditions, will lead to a new synthesis of gay and ethnic identities and helps service providers facilitate this synthesis. Whether you're a social service provider, social work or health educator, or gay/lesbian studies educator, you will find Men of Color a superior guide for improving your services.

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ISBN: 9781560230830
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Publisher: Routledge
Publication Date: November 28th, 1996
Pages: 194
Language: English