Early Automobiles: A History in Advertising Line Art, 1890-1930 (Hardcover)

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Image archivist and transportation historian Jim Harter follows his work, "Early Farm Tractors," with an even larger collection of images from advertising line art from 1880 to 1930, this time focused on "Early Automobiles." Nearly 250 entrancing illustrations -- many suitable for framing -- are gems of the art of commercial engraving. Harter provides a very substantial, detailed history of the development of the "horseless carriage" into the brands famous from the early 20th century -- racers like Stutz, Dusenberg, Stanley, as well as those that became household names like Oldsmobile, Ford, Chrysler and others. Of special interest are the dozens of successful electric automobiles that flourished for 25 years. The history includes many colorful anecdotes about early long-distance races as well as interesting details of engineering breakthroughs. Full bibliography and index.

About the Author

Born in 1941, in Lubbock, Texas, Jim Harter was largely self-taught as an artist. From 1969 to 1972 he played a small part in creating posters for Austin s legendary rock venues, the Vulcan Gas Company and Armadillo World Headquarters. Influenced by San Francisco collage artist Wilfried Satty, Harter turned to making surrealist collages from 19th century engravings. In 1976 he moved to New York, becoming a freelance illustrator, and editor of clip-art books for Dover, and later for other publications. Since then, two books of his collages, "Journeys in the Mythic Sea" and "Initiations in the Abyss" have been published, as well as two railroad history books illustrated entirely with Victorian engravings. In 1984, he began painting using an old-master technique, under the guidance of Carlos Madrid. This work was influenced by his earlier collages, but also owes something to Symbolism, Surrealism, Fantastic Realism, and an exposure to Eastern Philosophy. During the early 1980s Harter became friends with Dr. Jean Letschert, a Belgian visionary painter and former student of Rene Magritte. He also met members of Holland s Metarealist group, and fantastic realist painters in New York. In 1986, Harter moved to San Antonio, Texas where he remains today. In recent years he has returned to his collage work, digitally colorizing a number of his creations."
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Publication Date: October 1st, 2015
Pages: 234
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