Explore Predators and Prey!: With 25 Great Projects (Explore Your World) (Hardcover)

Explore Predators and Prey!: With 25 Great Projects (Explore Your World) Cover Image
By Cindy Blobaum, Matt Aucoin (Illustrator)
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Hunting, hiding, trapping, and tricking are just a few of the strategies used by animals in the wild to ensure they eat enough without being eaten themselves In Explore Predators and Prey With 25 Great Projects, readers ages 7 through 10 explore the physical and behavioral adaptations of predators and prey and their impact on the environment.

Predators, such as hawks and foxes, have keen eyesight and sharp beaks and teeth to help them catch their prey. Prey, such as mice and rabbits, have large ears to hear danger and can move quickly to escape their enemies. Animal populations are closely integrated with each other and the surrounding environment. A change to one population causes changes to all others. Readers discover how repercussions can affect nature, including humans, and are encouraged to consider their own actions with an eye toward the effect on the environment.

In Explore Predators and Prey, kids actively learn about body tools and behavior strategies as they test their own abilities to hunt and hide in a series of science-minded activities. Fun facts and colorful cartoons make learning entertaining and links to online primary sources and videos make the content accessible to all learners.

About the Author

Cindy Blobaum is an educator and naturalist who has written several books for children, including Explore Night Science!, Explore Gravity!, Explore Money!, and Explore Honey Bees! for Nomad Press. She lives in Des Moines, IA, with her family. Matt Aucoin hold's a master's of fine art from the Center for Cartoon Studies and teaches drawing to preschool-age children. He lives in Windsor, VT.

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ISBN: 9781619304567
ISBN-10: 1619304562
Publisher: Nomad Press (VT)
Publication Date: November 15th, 2016
Pages: 96
Language: English
Series: Explore Your World