Better Life Expectancy - Blest Living Eternally: (BLE Techniques) (Paperback)

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Better Life Expectancy - Blest Living Eternally is a three-part devotional uncovering the composition of who we are, how we relate to our Creator and neighbor while giving us some tools and insight to manifest into the family member we envision being. With grace and unity this read provides us a philosophy which supports and reinforces how we evolve using the gifts of FAITH, HOPE, LOVE, and TRUST to brighten a world that constantly tempts us to stray into the dark. It offers us The Way to maturity while becoming a healthy fellow to our community. BLE Techniques highlights leveraging our diversity and being inclusive to all the facets life offers. The theme imparted throughout this devotional aids us in forming an intimate personal relationship with Christ so we can reflect God's glory in all that we say and do. Following the lit path placed before us we begin to experience Love. And knowing we were first loved opens us up to gifting Love to one another. Surrendering to A will greater than our want affords us to be less concerned about ourselves while engaging in the good being cultivated amongst us. Better Life Expectancy - Blest Living Eternally is a reference of techniques to be used in our daily lives affording us freedom to act interdependently. When integrated into our persona our lives transfigure towards being blest living eternally. The message is not new, rather a fresh new perspective of how we relate to Abba going about our day bringing a smile to His face. When God smiles the whole universe lights up and His children become enamored with Truth. He will test us beyond our limits, but never give us more than we can handle. All the while preparing us for an eternal life as family in His Kingdom.

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ISBN: 9781632216830
ISBN-10: 1632216833
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: April 10th, 2021
Pages: 310
Language: English