Leaders and Thinkers in American History: An American History Book for Kids: 15 Influential People You Should Know (Biographies for Kids) (Paperback)

Leaders and Thinkers in American History: An American History Book for Kids: 15 Influential People You Should Know (Biographies for Kids) By Megan DuVarney Forbes Cover Image


Inspiring stories of American heroes throughout history—for kids ages 8 to 12

George Washington's life illustrates the very first values that American politicians shared. The story of Tecumseh teaches us about the power of being true to yourself and defending your community. Lucretia Mott shows us how to stand up against what is wrong and speak out for what is right.

Leaders and Thinkers in American History is a colorful children's history book that explores the lives of influential American figures and their incredible accomplishments. Kids will discover the stories of men and women across hundreds of years, from all different backgrounds, and how they used their passion and talent to impact the world.

Go beyond other American history books with:
  • 15 detailed biographies—Kids will learn that the history of the United States is full of fascinating and impressive people who pioneered everything from politics to technology, music, and art.
  • Learn and grow—These powerful stories will inspire kids to find their own gifts and use them to help others and achieve their dreams.
  • Beyond this book—For kids who want to learn even more, each biography includes suggestions for further reading and tips for getting active in their community.

Get kids excited about history with a children's history book featuring extraordinary Americans from all walks of life.

About the Author

MEGAN DUVARNEY FORBES is a historian and middle school teacher with a master’s degree in U.S. history. She specializes in Caribbean and civil rights history and teaches about social justice through history and literature. Find out more about what she’s teaching at toocoolformiddleschool.com.

Praise For…

"Megan DuVarney Forbes tells the stories of both familiar and lesser-known United States historical figures in a manner sure to both educate and engage readers of all ages!" —Allison Brew, veteran middle school social studies teacher and founder of Peacefield History (peacefieldhistory.com)

"Knowing American history is important. Knowing accurate American history is even more important. Megan DuVarney Forbes' biography book of influential people in American history beautifully weaves the stories of these impactful individuals and intertwines them with the past, which can be complicated. It is important for young people to have access to accurate and inclusive history where they can see themselves in what they read and are exposed to the past in a meaningful and powerful way." —Julia Wheatley, History from the Middle

"Megan DuVarney Forbes is a brilliant storyteller, historian, and teacher who, through stories of courage and hope, captivates the minds and hearts of young students. This book not only highlights prominent trailblazers in American history but also teaches valuable life lessons. This is the history book your classroom library has been missing—don't wait to snag this book!" —Nicole Wong, 6th grade educator

"Megan DuVarney Forbes breathes life into some of the most thought-provoking leaders in U.S. history. With easy-to-read chapters and bolded key vocabulary, Leaders and Thinkers in American History breaks down the biographies of famous Americans into insightful chunks of knowledge and delight for the reader. It is perfect for upper elementary and middle school students alike." —Jessica Martin, 4th grade teacher, founder of Whimsical Teaching, and host of Healthy Teacher, Happy Teacher podcast

Product Details
ISBN: 9781648760761
ISBN-10: 1648760767
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: June 22nd, 2021
Pages: 142
Language: English
Series: Biographies for Kids