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THE TRAGEDY OF MACBETH by William Shakespeare was published in 1623 in London, England.The story takes place in medieval Scotland. General Macbeth is serving King Duncan.Macbeth, devoured by ambition and driven by his wife, commits the crime of regicide and seizes power. He reaches the throne. His reign continued from 1040 to 1057.Children former King Duncan, Malcom and Donaldbain fled.Macduff, a nobleman, has suspicions about the regicide. As a result, he decides to team up with Malcolm.Lady Macbeth sinks into madness and dies.Macduff's army routed that of Macbeth. This one is killed.Malcolm, legitimate heir, ascends the throne of his father and becomes king. - Author-William Shakespeare, born in 1564 and died in 1616 (at age 52), is a great English playwright, poet and comedian.Among his famous works are Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet, the longest of his tragedies.In 1591, this is the beginning of his career as a playwright. In 1592, he is noted as actor and author. His talent is recognized, he becomes famous. He will move towards the writing of plays. He writes Lost love, Romeo and Juliet, The dream of a summer night then Hamlet who are very popular with the public.In 1599, Shakespeare's company opened a theater called "The Globe" in London.In 1603, during the reign of the King of England James I, the actors of the theater troupe became the "Men of the King."From 1604 to 1607 he composed Othello, Macbeth and King Lear.In 1609 he began working for the Blackfriars Theater.In 1613, the Globe Theater was burned during a performance of the play Tout est vrai (Henry VIII). This fire marks the end of Shakespeare's career. He had retired to write the plays: Cimbeline, The Winter's Tale and The Storm.He is buried in the very church where his baptism took place.Shakespeare will not see his plays officially published.He has written famous works of tragedies including Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, Antony and Cleopatra, Comedies and Historical Pieces.

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