The Gift of Play: How Grandparents Enhance the Lives of Young Children (Hardcover)

The Gift of Play: How Grandparents Enhance the Lives of Young Children Cover Image
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The Gift of Play celebrates play at the heart of relationships between grandparents and their young grandchildren. Dr. Judith Van Hoorn, long-time grandmother and expert on young children's play, weaves professional insights with grandparents' wisdom and favorite stories to show the joy and importance of play in the lives of grandchildren, grandparents, and the whole family.

  • Grandparent and grandchild play supports young children's development.
  • Grandparent and grandchild play deepens loving relationships.
  • Grandparent and grandchild play creates lasting memories.

Grandparents and grandchildren play because it's fun for everyone. Practical tips help grandparents discover new ideas for play, both in person and online.

The Gift of Play highlights the powerful role of play in young children's development and learning-social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and language. Grandparents' real-life stories illuminate each chapter, from reading a favorite book to a toddler online, to speeding toy cars down ramps, to taking a neighborhood nature walk, to making a joint collage.

Play is essential for grandparents, too. Play provides the respite and energy that grandparents need for renewal. It is an opportunity for grandparents to recapture their childlike sense of wonder, and a time to revel in spontaneous boisterous fun. It is a special time to feel and express love.

New and experienced grandparents will delight in this light-hearted book filled with charming stories, colorful family photos, insights, and practical tips for playful activities. The Gift of Play is a perfect gift for grandparents and everyone with a special young child in their life.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781736097137
ISBN-10: 173609713X
Publisher: Judith Van Hoorn
Publication Date: February 22nd, 2021
Pages: 258
Language: English