The Vanquisher: Book 2 (Hardcover)

The Vanquisher: Book 2 By Zoe Van Lingen Cover Image
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With the help of her friends and her new boyfriend, Henry, Molly Birch killed the City's Leader. She thought it would free the citizens from suppression, but it resulted in loyalty sworn to her by members of the Guard Corps, arrest warrants on her and her friends and a warning from an unexpected source: the Government wants revenge.

Molly's ex, Gavriel, was kidnapped and brainwashed into siding with the Government, whose new Leader has personal interest in Molly's downfall. Nowhere in the City is safe, until some newfound allies offer protection and information to help topple the regime. Is having Henry's support, half of the Guard Corps on her side, and a hero's reputation to match her dad's enough to rid the City of the controlling Government? Find out in the conclusion to The Liberator Duology.

Excerpt from the book

"Now, Miss Birch," Carl said. "Do you have any final words?"

This was it. What I dreaded most had arrived, and there was no one and nothing that could save me. Had everything been worth it? Nothing substantial had changed for the better; the general population was as suppressed as ever, if not more so. Yet, if I could've gone back and done it over, I would have done the same. That had to mean it was worthwhile. If my actions motivated someone else to make lasting change, I could be satisfied.

"Henry," I said to the camera, my voice clear and strong despite the tears threatening to flow from my eyes. "If you're hearing this, forgive me. I love you, and I hope you can be happy." Wherever he was, he had to be safe. I needed to believe that in my last moments.

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ISBN: 9781777617448
ISBN-10: 1777617448
Publisher: Zoe Van Lingen
Publication Date: July 19th, 2022
Pages: 334
Language: English