Winning Welsh Recipes: A Collection of Delicious, Easy Dish Ideas from Wales! (Paperback)

Winning Welsh Recipes: A Collection of Delicious, Easy Dish Ideas from Wales! By Thomas Kelly Cover Image
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Have you ever eaten an authentic Welsh meal? If not, you don't know what you're missing. Wales is the smallest of the countries that make up the British Isles, but this does not reflect on their vast array of wonderful dishes. Welsh cuisine is famous, and becoming more famous, for their seafood, meats and cheeses in particular. They produce a unique wine, as well. Each family on the island has their own recipes for the traditional classics of Welsh cuisine, from cawl to Bara Broth and Welsh Cakes. The dishes in Wales are hearty and honest meals, made with the freshest of their seasonal ingredients. You may have heard of Welsh rarebit or Glamorgan sausages. These are reflective of a time when meat on the island was only a luxury. Many more dishes use always-abundant ingredients like laver seaweed and cockles. Welsh recipes, like the ones in this cookbook, involve the simple cooking of top quality, locally sourced ingredients. This allows the natural flavors of the foods to shine through. From their lamb, found in the salt marshes and mountains, to their ham, beef and seafood, they have a great deal to offer fans of international cuisine. Add fresh spring water or local ales, and you have meals that are made to please. Try some of these recipes today, and discover what you've been missing...

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