Where We Once Gathered, Lost Synagogues of Europe (Paperback)

Where We Once Gathered, Lost Synagogues of Europe By Andrea Strongwater Cover Image
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The Lost Synagogues is a collection of vibrant paintings depicting synagogues that were eradicated before and during WWII. Andrea Strongwater has researched Jewish communities across Europe to connect archival photos with written records that together tell the story of European Jewish life before the holocaust. Ms. Strongwater brings this world back to life through her art. You will feel as if you can walk into these buildings, and you will recognize their relations in many of the synagogues we know today. The paintings in this collection have been created by carefully scrutinizing historical black and white photos. Where decisions have been made about colors, the artist has chosen to enhance the beauty of the building, while staying true to the material of the original. The work is intended to draw you into this world of gorgeous and meaningful architecture, while preserving an important piece of Jewish cultural history.

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ISBN: 9781936172481
ISBN-10: 1936172488
Publisher: Eifrig Publishing
Publication Date: April 12th, 2012
Pages: 50
Language: English