A Falling Starr (Hardcover)

A Falling Starr By Dani Hoots Cover Image
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A year ago I had woken up with no memory of who I was. No one seemed to know anything about me and for months the police investigated only to find nothing. The only thing I had was a necklace with the name Angela Starr.

The government gave me an ID with that name and let me enroll in a community college to get my GED. All the psychologists that they had examine me thought that would be best and going to school might jog some memories since they figured I was in my late teens. Well, it did, as I ran into a boy my age that I felt I knew, but before I could fully recover those memories, we found ourselves being chased into a portal that led to the other side of the universe.

But why did this other planet seem so familiar?

Product Details
ISBN: 9781942023890
ISBN-10: 1942023898
Publisher: Foxtales Press
Publication Date: February 11th, 2020
Pages: 282
Language: English