Seed (Hilary Tham Capital Collection) (Paperback)

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In Seed's poems of love and family, rage and heartbreak, David Eye opens the way for new truths. Sister, father, neighbor, cousin, friend, lover: all relationships change the poet, and the poet allows all relationships to change over time, through challenges and through love itself. A voice both uncompromising and tender, Eye's will help each reader see.

Says Eduardo C. Corral, Hilary Tham Capital Collection Guest Editor, "The poems in Seed are luminous and intimate. With emotional clarity that surprises and enriches, David Eye has crafted a debut that illuminates how queerness shapes and shelters the self. His lines are elegant, exact, and rich with both joy and sorrow. This is beautiful and bracing work."

Bruce Smith adds, "Seed is a book of both wedding and division; rapturous, ecstatic contacts and devastating, ruinous fractures. Impossible to write both unless you have the discriminate sympathy, the discernment, the language chops, the clairvoyance, the exactitude of David Eye. He has looked and listened and felt too much. He has been smitten and spirited away. In all ways this book is 'exquisite in its rendering.'"

Denise Duhamel also praises Seed: "Eye's Seed is the seed of trees and paper, sex and procreation. His poems flourish with observation and compassion. He takes us from farm animals and rattlesnakes in West Virginia to New York City buses and subway lines to a bar in Florence. Through his longing for family and children, his empathetic connection to the world's joys and unspeakable despair, he honors survival and humanity in sonnets and prose poems, in villanelles and free verse wonders. Seed is a stunning debut."

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ISBN: 9781944585143
ISBN-10: 1944585141
Publisher: Word Works
Publication Date: April 2017
Pages: 88
Language: English
Series: Hilary Tham Capital Collection