Cowboy Dad Companion Workbook: Guided Writing for Adult Children of Alcoholics (Paperback)

Cowboy Dad Companion Workbook: Guided Writing for Adult Children of Alcoholics By Melissa Broughton M. Ed Cover Image
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Have you ever wondered why you think or act the way you do in relationships or life in general? This Companion Workbook is for Adult Children of Alcoholics. It is recommended that "Cowboy Dad", the original memoir be read first and in conjunction with this Companion Workbook. This Workbook guides readers through writing prompts and exercises to better understand their behaviors, emotions and even strengths all of which developed from growing up in an alcoholic home. This is a journalistic style approach so readers need not be worried about grammar or being a good writer. The prompts are to guide you through feelings and memories for better understanding of self and the alcoholic parent. This Workbook can be used in the privacy of your own space or in conjunction with therapy. There are also additional writing exercises to use in group therapy should one want to organize their own study/support group. The writing prompts are thought-provoking and will lead to healing and you will find your writing reveals insight into your childhood and adulthood experiences. While emotionally challenging, the writing exercises also reveal the strengths developed from growing up in this type of environment -- adaptability, resiliency and empathy in many cases. The Cowboy Dad Companion Workbook is a gift to yourself towards healing and forgiveness.

About the Author

Melissa J. Broughton was born and raised in the San Luis Valley in Southern Colorado. She grew up in a one-stop light town called Del Norte, on the Flying W Ranch where her dad was the ranch manager. Ms. Broughton has a B.A. from Colorado State University and an M.Ed. from Azusa Pacific University. She also has additional training and education in: Addiction Studies and Counseling (SBCC) and Mediation and Conflict Resolution (Pepperdine). Melissa has almost 20 years experience in higher education administration and teaching. Melissa lives in Central California, near Santa Barbara, where she teaches, writes and harvests lavender. Ms. Broughton is also the author of: 1. Cowboy Dad: Love, Alcoholism and a Dying Way of Living (Memoir) 2. Cowboy Dad Companion Workbook for GRADUATE CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY AND ADDICTION STUDIES STUDENTS. Available in December 2017 3. The Little College Handbook: A First Gen's Guide to Getting In and Staying In 4. The Sleep Bunny: The Bunny who ate Lavender. Children's book, available February 2018

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