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Marshall Hunter only wanted to fly—the faster, the higher, the better. But Space Force has other plans for him: interplanetary search and rescue.

When a billionaire couple goes missing on their way to survey a near-Earth asteroid, the nuclear-powered Borman is dispatched on an audacious, high-speed interplanetary run to find the couple’s wayward spacecraft and bring them home. Yet as they approach the asteroid, the Borman itself becomes hopelessly disabled, while back in near-Earth orbit, cislunar space falls into chaos as critical satellites fail and valuable lunar mineral shipments disappear in transit. Facing an impossible choice between salvation and sacrifice, Marshall Hunter has to find a way to save both his crewmates and Space Age civilization from an
insidious foe.

About Frozen Orbit:
“. . . hard science fiction and an entertaining and gripping plot. . . . Chiles nails the atmosphere of a NASA-run human spaceflight mission in the 21st century, the jargon of the mission controllers and astronauts, and the bureaucratic infighting characterizing today’s NASA. . . . The scenario and background . . . are the scaffolding on which a gripping tale is formed. Readers experience the wonder the astronauts feel on a remarkable voyage, groan as the Earth goes crazy as the expedition progresses, and thrill to a powerful conclusion . . . science fiction at its best.” —The Galveston County Daily News

“The story moves quickly with elements of both a spy thriller and a space race… Frozen Orbit could make for an impressive movie, one that would stand with greats such as Contact or Interstellar.”—Booklist

About Farside by Patrick Chiles:
“The situations are realistic, the characters interesting, the perils harrowing, and the stakes could not be higher.” —John Walker,

“. . . a fast-paced and exciting story that bounces between the borders of technological thriller and science fiction. . . . an impressive effort.” —The Galveston County Daily News

About the Author

Patrick Chiles is a graduate of The Citadel, a Marine Corps veteran, and a private pilot. In addition to his novels, he has written for magazines including Smithsonian’s Air & Space.

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ISBN: 9781982191948
ISBN-10: 1982191945
Publisher: Baen
Publication Date: May 31st, 2022
Pages: 528
Language: English