Very Important Corpses (Ishmael Jones #3) (Paperback)

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Someone is killing the twelve most important people in the world. At Loch Ness.

The twelve most important business people in the world are having their annual meeting. But one by one they’re being murdered. The first agent sent to investigate has also been killed. So now it’s down to Ishmael Jones and his partner in crimes Penny Belcourt to get to the bottom of things. Of course, it doesn’t help that this is all taking place at a hotel near Loch Ness.

Praise for Very Important Corpses:

“Ishmael is a wonderful character, an extraterrestrial living among humans, and the series (this is the third installment) is a clever mixture of thriller and SF-horror genres. Green is best known for the Deathstalker space operas, but give this one a few more installments to develop, and it could well become Green’s masterwork.” —Booklist, starred review

“I recommend VERY IMPORTANT CORPSES if you are looking for a fun, scary, and entertaining read before bedtime.” —Fantasy Book Review?

Praise for Dead Man Walking:

“Not to be taken too seriously, this meld of SF and traditional hard-boiled spy fiction hints at plenty of further adventures.” —Publishers Weekly

“This sequel to the wonderful THE DARK SIDE OF THE ROAD takes the basic structure of a traditional English country house mystery and mixes it with a bit of supernatural horror and suspense. Richard Kadrey and E.E. Knight fans will particularly relish Green’s genre-blending novel.” —Library Journal

“It’s the kind of novel that reads easily, and that just as easily holds your attention from the first page to the last, making you regret the story is over and making you long for the next adventure of the characters you’ve come to love over the course of this tale . . . Fun, quirky and most importantly: slightly different from what you would traditionally expect in the genre.” —The Gatehouse

“I’m not sure how Simon Green manages to be hilarious yet grotesquely gruesome at the same time, yet he pulls it off magnificently! The fast-moving, twisting plot kept me gripped throughout—and I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who enjoys an intriguing mystery enlivened by a dash of the supernatural, a hint of the macabre and a liberal sprinkling of humour.” —Severn House

“DEAD MAN WALKING is a very, very good book; atmospheric, funny, intense and a bit gory!” —Bookaholic Swede

Praise for The Dark Side of the Road:

“[A] brisk, breezy first in a new mystery series . . . With convincing supernatural twists [and] witty chapter titles . . . readers will be anxious for a sequel.” —Publishers Weekly

“Genre-blending author Green introduces another wisecracking protagonist, Ishmael Jones . . . Fans of the British TV series Torchwood will enjoy the irreverent, otherworldly protagonist.” —Booklist

“A new book from Green is always a treat for SF and urban fantasy fans, because they know that in his fictional worlds things are never quite what they seem until it’s too late. His first foray into more traditional crime fiction (albeit with an otherworldy flavor) will delight mystery readers, especially those who relish a bit of genre blending.” —Library Journal

“Pure horrific fun.” —Audio File Magazine

“Without a doubt, this is one of the best books the author has ever penned down.” —The Gatehouse

“I really enjoyed the book. If anything it was over too soon. The author captures the English Country Manor Murder Mystery feel very well, as he sets up pretty much everybody as a suspect . . . I look forward to finding out more in future volumes.” —British Fantasy Society

“The first book in the Ishmael Jones’ series had a great set of mysteries that left you dying to know what was going on.” —Creature From The Book Lagoon

Praise for Jekyll & Hyde Inc.:

“This book is hard to put down. It is exciting from start to finish, with thrills and monsters waiting behind every dark corner.” —San Francisco Book Review

“Green transforms Robert Lewis Stevenson’s classic horror novel into the launch pad for an exciting adventure. He takes readers through a romp involving multiple horror classics, updated to the twenty-first century in an amusing and entertaining read.” —Ricochet

“There’s something about Green’s dark humor that sucks me into many of his books. And, as violent and gory as this book is, it’s really about a good man striving to stay good in the worst circumstances.” —Lesa's Book Critiques

“It has all the grim and all the dark of many of the author’s previous series.” —Reading Reality

Praise for the Deathstalker series:

“Green moves his plot at top speed, and his characters are alive and his background solid.” —Asimov's SF Magazine

“A huge SF novel of sweeping scope, told with a strong sense of legend . . . some old-fashioned heroes and a theme of honor—and for the most part, it works.” —Locus

“Green writes great space opera, with blasters and swords and heroes that kick butt around the galaxy.” —SF Site

“An over-the-top masterpiece that veers between brutal comedy and touching riffs on love, loyalty and betrayal . . . bloody funny and extremely bloody.” —The Guardian

“One of the few writers still using the galactic empire as a theme, and he does it to good effect. At times the stories have some of the feel of a fantasy epic, but they’re undeniably sf, rip roaring space operas with dastardly villains, exciting battles, nefarious plots, and strong willed heroes. Take this as an antidote after one too many serious and relevant stories about the human condition.” —Science Fiction Chronicle

“A great facility with action scenes [and] dialogue . . . Terrific new characters.” —SFX Magazine

“I would recommend this book if you like your plots sweeping, your characters big and your stories bold.” —SFcrowsnest

“Space opera at its action best. The novel is populated with heroic figures reminiscent of Lancelot and Arthur and villains that make Darth Vader seem like a nice person . . . Once again, Simon R. Green has written a work that will appeal to Star War fans.” —Midwest Book Review

“Space opera at its finest . . . The motley band of rebels plays off each other with the sharp wit and endearing affection found in the best buddy comedies, and Lewis, with his wry humor, is an engaging galactic Indiana Jones.” —RT Book Reviews

“Space opera on a grand scale done with great talent and a sense of adventure.” —Science Fiction Chronicle

“A guaranteed blood-and-thunder romp, shot-through with broad swathes of fashion parody, a sustained piss-take on ‘lives of the Rich and Famous’ and the occasional lance of satire. This last is refreshing stuff. It’s mostly aimed at Dictatorship, Fascism, Established Religion, the Toadying Media and so-forth–and it’s nice to find an author who knows that laughter is the most destructive weapon to aim at a repressive establishment. In short, very violent, very funny, very good.” —Infinity Plus

“Action, characterization, and ethical dilemmas all balanced and mingled in a way to keep readers turning pages.” —Booklist

“Green’s ingenuity and sarcastic prose style keep readers from getting grossed out by the bloodshed or bored by tired space opera theatrics.” —Publishers Weekly

“An epic crescendo in this final installment. Green uses every trick in his extensive repertoire in constructing this ultimate Deathstalker adventure. Highly recommended.” —SFRevu

Praise for Simon R. Green:

“Simon R. Green is a great favorite of mine. It’s almost impossible to find a writer with a more fertile imagination than Simon. He’s a writer who seems endlessly inventive.” —Charlaine Harris

“A macabre and thoroughly entertaining world.” —Jim Butcher on the Nightside series

“Nobody delivers sharp, crackling dialogue better than Green, and no one whisks readers away to more terrifying adventures or more bewildering locales.” —Black Gate Magazine

“As quintessentially British as fish and chips!” —SF Site

“Simon R Green is one hell of a consistent writer—if you like your Fantasy /SF served with lashings of pulp mayhem, dollops of snarky characters and big piles of extreme gore, violence and horror. Mmm tasty.” —Fantasy Book Review UK

“Simon R. Green is one of my all-time favorite writers and I haven’t read a book of his that I haven’t devoured. I hope he has many more years of writing left in him and suggest that if you need a fix, pick up his Ishmael Jones books.” —Crooked Reviews

“A splendid riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma, conveyed with trademark wisecracking humor, and carried out with maximum bloodshed and mayhem. In a word, irresistible.” —Kirkus on Night Fall, starred review

“[F]or those who want a fantasy-genre mash-up that doesn’t slow down.” —Booklist on From a Drood to a Kill

About the Author

Simon R. Green is the New York Times best-selling author of more than sixty science fiction, fantasy, and mystery novels. Green sold his first book in 1988 and the very next year was commissioned to write the best-selling novelization of the Kevin Costner film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. From there he went on to write many more series of books, including Deathstalker, Nightside, Secret History, Forest Kingdom, and the Ishmael Jones mysteries. His books have sold more than 3.8 million copies worldwide and have been translated into more than a dozen different languages.

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ISBN: 9781982192730
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Publisher: Baen
Publication Date: August 1st, 2023
Pages: 256
Language: English
Series: Ishmael Jones