The Little Book of Symbols (Hardcover)

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- A wide variety of subjects related to each symbol are covered through 78 thematic spreads - A great mix between historical facts and popular myths surrounding a variety of symbols - Richly Illustrated with beautiful lithographs - Beautifully packaged - hardback, foam filled, with gilt edging Why is the bee a symbol of immortality? How did a lamb come to symbolize Jesus? What does a snail shell mean? And a hand? What's the sacred meaning of mistletoe? What is the significance of the sapphire? And the ruby? This book explains 80 esoterical, magical or mystical symbols, alongside beautiful illustrations. Also available in the series: The Little Book of Cats ISBN 9782812317408 The Little Book of Dogs ISBN 9782812318580 The Little Book of New York ISBN 9782812315329 The Little Book of Paris ISBN 9782812313318 The Little Book of Birds ISBN 9782812316364 The Little Book of Versailles ISBN 9782812317804 The Little Book of Roses ISBN 9782379640810 The Little Book of Medicinal Plants ISBN 9782812319815 The Little Book of The Language of Flowers ISBN 9782812318924 The Little Book of The Moon ISBN 9782379641046 The Little Book of Trees ISBN 9782379641039.

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Christine Barrely is a journalist and author. She has written over fifteen travel and cultural guides as well as several titles in the series The Little Book of....

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ISBN: 9782379641060
ISBN-10: 2379641064
Publisher: E/P/A Editions
Publication Date: October 28th, 2020
Pages: 176
Language: English