101 Healthy Vegan Turkish Recipes: With More Than 100 Delicious Recipes for Healthy Living (Paperback)

101 Healthy Vegan Turkish Recipes: With More Than 100 Delicious Recipes for Healthy Living Cover Image
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The Most Amazing Collection of Vegan Turkish Recipes - 101 original, easy and delicious vegan Turkish recipes (Appetizers, Soups, Main Dishes and Desserts)

This new book is mainly for people who love bold flavors, herbs and spices and would like to dive into the Turkish cuisine while maintaining a healthy vegan diet.

The Turkish cuisine is more than lamb, meaty kabobs or ground beef. Forget these stereotypes and discover a bright, innovative cuisine that cooks vegetables and vegan ingredients in the most delicious possible way - flavoring them with plenty of spices, herbs and combining ingredients in new and interesting ways just to tantalize your taste buds and offer your palate unique taste experience, accompanied by great textures and beautiful colors.

In 101 Vegan Turkish Recipes you will find:

  1. Chapter 1: Delicious, flavorful appetizer recipes
  2. Chapter 2: Easy to make, but filling and nutritious soups
  3. Chapter 3: Delicious main dishes
  4. Chapter 4: Original vegan Turkish desserts, including the famous baklava or the well-known halva.

Three major advantages of this book:

  1. It offers you an impressive collection of vegan Turkish dishes that help you know this amazing, bright, spiced cuisine at its best.
  2. The recipes are easy to prepare and use traditional Turkish spices, herbs or seeds that have a high nutritional profile.
  3. You don't need specialized cooking skills to cook and eat Turkish food as this book will guide you through the process.

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