The Undead Hordes of Kan-Gul Lib/E (Compact Disc)

The Undead Hordes of Kan-Gul Lib/E Cover Image
By Jon F. Merz, Joe Hempel (Read by)
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In the fog-enshrouded peaks of the island nation of Nehan, Ran, a newly minted shadow warrior is set loose on a musha shugyo, a wandering quest, whereby he must travel alone and hone his skills. Journeying aboard a merchant vessel, Ran hears tales of a mysterious lord believed to have the dead for his servants. Soon these tales prove all too real as Ran comes to the aid of Jysal, a beautiful sorceress, whose undeveloped power gives her the ability to heal a land--or destroy it. But the Lord Kan-Gul also covets Jysal's power. And when Kan-Gul sends a army of the undead to take Jysal by force, Ran is faced with the ultimate warrior's choice: save himself, or face down a horde of enemies that cannot be killed for the simple reason that they are already dead.

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ISBN: 9798200277766
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Publication Date: February 18th, 2020
Language: English