Return Of The Fathers (Paperback)

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The Hunt Is On. The President, the CIA, and the Russians Launch Lethal Searches for These Four Clones

Four of America's founding fathers have been cloned and through a genetics acceleration process are now in their twenties. The White House panics, knowing that the American public could well become enamored with four illustrious constitutional figures from the past who could well condemn the current scope and size of the federal government as well as the President's own ambitious plan to drastically expand federal domestic programs. The clones go into hiding and take to social media, calling for a return to traditional constitutional values and for a stunning reduction in the reach of the federal government. President Ray orders the CIA to find the clones and permanently silence them. Public debate heats up. The CIA and the FBI go to war with each other over the search for the clones. At the same time, the Russian government carries out a daring plan on American soil with the objective of capturing one of the clones. With the nation's political system now spiraling into a meltdown, the President electrifies the nation with his own resolution to the chaos.

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ISBN: 9798215816677
Publisher: William Kitchin
Publication Date: October 15th, 2022
Pages: 680
Language: English