The Great Buttercream Cookbook: The Ultimate Step by Step to Make Beautiful Buttercream (Paperback)

The Great Buttercream Cookbook: The Ultimate Step by Step to Make Beautiful Buttercream By Megan Foster Cover Image
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Buttercream frostings are my best things after sliced bread. They give me the best whenever I want to show off with my cake designs and frostings. I fell on love with buttercream frosting the first time I tried it and it came out velvety, smooth and sweet.

It was the American version that I started with, and I was impressed by what I got. I never believed that I could get a frosting that rich and supple, not to mention sweet

I am a perpetual sweet tooth, and so are my friends and family members. Now, imagine me baking them cupcakes for dessert and covering it with sweet American buttercream? You bet that they were asking for more

Sweetness is not the only reason why the America buttercream does it for me. The fact that it is also easy to make, holds colors very well and is versatile, are reasons why I love it through and through.

But the American buttercream is not the only version of buttercream available, although it is my favorite. There are other types of buttercream frostings such as the French, German, Korean, Swiss, and Italian.


The Swiss type of buttercream is less sweet, but silky, soft, fluffy and light. It can definitely hold its own during piping as it is stable, hence this is why it is mostly used as base for fondant covering.


German buttercream is sturdy, yet very light. And it goes well with any type of cake that you want to frost or coat it with.


This type of buttercream is fluffy, shiny, soft, rich and delicious. It is made by boiling sugar and then incorporating it into egg yolks and butter. As amazing as this buttercream is, it is very unstable.


Italian buttercream may not be as sweet as the American buttercream, but it is definitely sweeter than the Swiss and French buttercreams.

That's not all. The Italian buttercream is very creamy, rich, buttery, smooth and stable.


Unarguably one of the least popular buttercreams, the Korean buttercream is very glossy. light and shiny. Designed in Korea by GG in 2015, the Korean buttercream is stable and hence why it is grand to make flower designs

Buttercreams in whatever version you choose hit differently and this is why you need to try the different buttercream recipes in this recipe book

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