RENAL DIET and LOW-SODIUM SLOW COOKER: The Ultimate Cookbook & 21-Day Meal Plan for Kidney Disease & Diabetes - Delicious Low-Salt & Low-Potassium Rec (Paperback)

RENAL DIET and LOW-SODIUM SLOW COOKER: The Ultimate Cookbook & 21-Day Meal Plan for Kidney Disease & Diabetes - Delicious Low-Salt & Low-Potassium Rec By Melissa Plan Cover Image
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Your kidney disease can put a real strain on your overall health. However, there is no need to panic. You can ease the symptoms naturally and avoid dialysis, simply by adjusting your diet.

The best and most natural way to manage your kidney disease and avoid a kidney failure is through a balanced and healthy diet, with specific ingredients and the right doses. The most famous kidney diet is called 'renal diet' and it is famous for its healthy meals with low sodium levels.

And who said that healthy recipes can't be tasty?

This low-sodium cookbook is full of delicious renal diet recipes that contain low salt, phosphorous, and protein levels. Renal diet is ideal and highly suggested to people suffering from kidney problems and this recipe book has made sure those people enjoy healthy yet mouth-watering meals.

The recipes in this cookbook make sure that your daily intake of sodium is low and, therefore, your kidneys function normally and the delicate blood vessels around them do not get strained or damaged.

Salt may be tasty, but you don't need it to make a flavorsome dish

If you're using a slow cooker, you can make any meal taste like heaven In fact, if you own a slow cooker, you're going to discover many tips in this cookery book that will help you make the renal diet recipes taste even better

Trust us, with these recipes you won't miss the taste of meat and salty junk food.

Apart from the delicious renal diet recipes, this book also reveals:

  • The various diseases that cause kidney problems
  • Special diet plans to manage kidney problems
  • Information to understand kidney diseases
  • Which foods to avoid during dialysis
  • Low-sodium recipes for Children vs. Adults
  • Vegan low-sodium recipes
  • A complete 21-day kidney diet plan that your body is going to love

These low-sodium recipes will not benefit only your kidneys.

On the contrary, a low-sodium diet is beneficial for your entire body

As you will understand by reading this cookbook, this low-salt diet is also valuable for those suffering from high blood pressure, heart failure, edema, or some other similar conditions.

Once you start cooking the nutritious and tasty recipes of the 21-day meal plan, you start feeling much more energized. The difference in your health will be noticeable, and every organ of your body will be thankful to you for your new, healthy diet.

In other words, this cookbook is a must have if you:

  • Suffer from a kidney disease, high blood pressure or heart problems
  • Want to have a healthy diet and enjoy delicious dishes at the same time
  • Need a meal plan to help your body get used to a low-sodium diet
  • Feel better and help your body be healthy and strong
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