The Sensational 2023 Low Histamine Diet Cookbook: 100+ Healthy Low-Histamine Recipes (Paperback)

The Sensational 2023 Low Histamine Diet Cookbook: 100+ Healthy Low-Histamine Recipes By Emilia Claire Cover Image
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Symptoms can include itching, flushing, hives, tissue swelling, throat tightening, digestive problems, drop in blood pressure, increased heart rate and headaches. Histamine intolerance is often misdiagnosed as allergy.

There are many reasons why you can build up an excess of histamine within your body. Symptoms can change constantly in terms of frequency and severity and each person's capacity to deal with it is different.

Perhaps, you have already been diagnosed with histamine intolerance, or you are still looking for their inexplicable ailments, such as hot flashes, palpitations, tiredness and many others.Frequent trigger of distressing complaints

The fact is that histamine intolerance has a strong effect on lots of people these days and often involves a long odyssey of examinations. Often, histamine blockers or diamine oxidase preparations are also prescribed to alleviate the symptoms - often with only moderate success.

The solution: cook with low histamine levels

If there is evidence of histamine intolerance, the really best option to alleviate the discomfort is to switch to a diet that is low in histamine. Cooking completely histamine-free is almost not possible, which is why we go into detail on the low-histamine diet in our histamine intolerance cookbook.

In addition to 100+ easy-to-follow recipes, you will also receive valuable background information that will help you better understand your intolerance. Moreover, it shouldn't be too much theoritical, so that the transition to the recipe section doesn't take long.

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