The Light of all Things (Paperback)

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One powerful woman's story plays out as she lives three lives in Northern Italy, each incarnation separated by centuries yet linked across time. Her fate unfolds vertically as she moves through space and time to recover an ancient wisdom with the power to restore balance in the world.

The Italian Alps, 1553: Violetta, the daughter of a Dutch jewelry merchant, ventures from her home in Venice to an inn nestled deep in the Italian Alps in search of answers to a family book. On the eve of the Roman Inquisition, she encounters a priest who holds the key to a family secret, but has a personal vendetta to fill. Can the gift her mother taught her save her from his grasp?

Trento, 2010: Iris, a Renaissance historian, has moved from Boston to Trento. After her relationship ends, she purchases a small inn near a mountain lake where mysterious circumstances begin to unfold. A discovery hidden in the inn sends her on a journey that will force her to confront the unexplained sensations that won't let her rest.

Venice, 2110: Aster, a Lead Historical Preservationist, is overseeing plans to drain the canals of Venice, a sinking city that has succumbed to centuries of abuse and neglect, and turn it into a museum. Beneath the ruins of a palazzo, Aster uncovers a book that has the potential to rewrite history. In the hands of the new government that has overthrown the religious establishment and taken control, the book's significance has been censored; but Aster is willing to risk everything to preserve its message and find the truth behind its origins.

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ISBN: 9798987058725
Publisher: Lisa Arriola
Publication Date: October 25th, 2022
Pages: 510
Language: English