Against the Odds: A Story of Courage, Faith and Resolve (Paperback)

Against the Odds: A Story of Courage, Faith and Resolve By Saleem A. Khan, Gretchen Elhassani Cover Image
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The story of Musahib Ud-Din Khan is not a run of the mill tale of rags to riches. It is rather an inspirational narrative about the potential of education as a vehicle for upward mobility and for realization of individual potential in the face of poverty and adversity. The success of Professor Khan as a scholar and contributor to nation building is worth reading. He lived, struggled and triumphed in a very difficult time in a newly minted postcolonial nation of Pakistan strapped for resources and opportunities. His efforts to help others to replicate his success is praiseworthy and we see it reflected in his progeny. The story is especially powerful because it is written by a devoted son whose accomplishments are befitting the legacy of Professor Khan. Children of immigrants, especially those from South Asia must read this book. It will not only inform them of the challenges that their grandparents had to overcome but also help them recognize that their own identities and fortunes are a product of those struggles decades ago.

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ISBN: 9798987787342
Publisher: Gretchen Elhassani
Publication Date: April 17th, 2023
Pages: 272
Language: English